Academy of Collaborative Divorce Professionals | The Role of the Collaborative Divorce Facilitator in the Collaborative Divorce Process
Learn about how the collaborative divorce facilitator can help make the collaborative divorce process run smoother and more efficiently.
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Role of the Collaborative Divorce Facilitator

cdf 300x300Your Collaborative Divorce Facilitator (CDF) is a collaboratively trained professional with strong mediation skills and intricate knowledge of making the most effective use of the collaborative process. The CDF serves as a negotiation facilitator, helping clients reach agreements while assuring that everyone’s voice is heard at the negotiation table.

The CDF acts as a process facilitator to assure that meetings are well prepared and go smoothly and that the team is making progress toward completing the case, helping clients develop and focus on what interests they would like to have satisfied as they move through their Collaborative divorce.

In addition to facilitation and scheduling and management of process issues, the CDF works to enhance the parties’ working together toward solution.  With agreement of the parties, the CDF may meet with the parties individually or jointly to get a better grasp of how negotiations can be improved and to assist with communication skills so that respectful and principled negotiations can occur.