Academy of Collaborative Divorce Professionals | Principles of Conduct for the Collaborative Divorce Process
The principles of conduct for the collaborative process are key to helping the process work well for the parties going through divorce.
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Principles of Conduct For Professionals and Clients


  • No one threatens litigation as a means of obtaining an advantage.
  • The professionals maintain a safe container for the process; professionals are the guardians and guides of the process – the clients own the outcome.
  • Professionals must detach from the outcome.
  • Respectful business-like behavior. No interrupting, name calling, belittling or threats.
  • The professionals must model for the clients a commitment to honesty and respectful discussion of difficult issues.
  • Come prepared for meetings; do your homework.
  • No unnecessary delving into past events.
  • Principled discussions are productive, arguments are pointless.
  • No positional behavior (don’t pee on the fireplug; be careful where you plant the flag).
  • All team members are open, truthful, and cooperative. The professionals must trust one another and address any trust issues.
  • Ask questions without judgment.
  • Listen to what each participant is saying.
  • No substantive agreements can be reached without all parties-lawyers in the loop.  Everything that is discussed does not need to be shared.